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Illegal Studs...

Tires that is! Bet you thought I was talkin' about men and I was going to get in trouble with hubby! Not a chance!! ;o)

We traded in our car in August. It was all-wheel drive and our new wheels are not! During the first snowstorm, like most people, we were not equipped with our winter tires yet, and our all-seasons had seen their better days. We had an intersting adventure trying to make it to Blockbuster (see post below) with worn-out all seasons and the stupid Traction Control on the car (we didn't know exactly what button turned OFF the traction control at this point.... I mean, WHO reads the owner's manual of a car???... Thank You! Anyhow, yesterday, we got our winter tires on, studded to boot! Feels like I'm driving one of those big tanks now that could drive through anything! Ok, maybe that's exaggerating a bit! So then I was talking to a family member tonight that told me that studs on tires were illegal! WHAT?? I told her that I had not done much research on that but that I highly doubt that they are illegal since many many cars have them. Hell, I've even been at road blocks in April to check to make sure the studded tires are off. I don't know, I could be wrong, but hopefully she's the one that's wrong about this!

Today we went shopping for a car for Dad B. We decided that they should buy a new one and it's just fun to go to dealerships and pretend you're in the market for a car...hehe... Some vehicles are insanely pricey now-a-days, with SUV' selling at over 100g's, I couldn't help but tell the salesguy that that was just about 1/2 a house on wheels, and I wouldn't want to live in my car!! I think I'm sold on the Volvo or a BMW, now I'm going to try to sell it to them, we'll see how it goes!

Anyhow, I don't have any ground breaking info. to share tonight, just wanted to say hi to everybody, here and far, I hope you are enjoying your time off from Weldon! Now I'm off to watch a few more episodes of Arrested Development, that show is hilarious, I love it!